The 365 Commitment

139 Days Left

Now that my friend Ben is keeping up with the Daily 365 blog, I have time to really torture myself. I am focused on finishing a first marathon and also doing so in a really solid time. The habits that I built during my first 365 commitment have served as a foundation to allow me to take on new challenges.

I attempted (emphasis on the word attempted) to vlog my journey today. I recorded myself each time I was doing a 365 commitment item. I did not cover the work stuff, thought that would be boring. I few of my commitments fell short today, because I was not able to talk to the person I needed to . However, I was able to keep all my habits!

Here is a link to the video blog. If you watch the whole thing – then something is wrong with you. No company is going to be paying me to do affiliate advertising on my youtube videos any day soon.

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365 Commitment

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