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My commitment to write a daily blog since January 7th, 2018
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  • Thanks: “ThanksApr 12, 16:05
  • Guy Reams: “I am starting to believe that failure and growth are the same concept.Feb 11, 19:28
  • Maryanne Birck: “My biggest growth opportunities have always come from failure. I heard someone say recently that “failure doesn’t exist until you…Feb 11, 19:26
  • Marjorie Pezzoli: “So true, if I am not hydrated enough or hungry it adds to being tiredFeb 10, 20:54
  • Marjorie Pezzoli: “Meant to give this a 5 star review. It is amazing how the Universe listens when you have forward momentum…Feb 2, 16:51







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Comparison Game

Just thinking about common issues that plague our mental states. One of them is the comparison game. Similar to the

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Stored Energy

Too bad we cannot store energy for later use. Bottle up our energy and enthusiasm into some sort of consumable

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You remember how painful “homework” was? You just did not want to do it, but it was something that you

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