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A Good View

There is something about seeing a great view. Standing at a point where you can see a vast area, a full horizon or a clear unobstructed view of a valley from atop a mountain. There is something rejuvenating about it. I suppose that when we can really see our surroundings, then we gain perspective and are able to find clarity in just how big or small our challenges are in life. There are many people that might go their whole lives without seeing the view from the top of a mountain. They only see the urban environment just in front of them. In that condition, lifes problems may feel overwhelming and consuming all of the space around you. When you stand at the top of the world you are able to clearly visualize how small things really are and just how easily you could escape. I realized today that even though I have the ability, I often forget to take the time to see my environment from a distance. I get caught up in the day to day and the myopic pressures of each moment. A small drive and 15 minutes of contemplation at a roadside turnout might be all that I need for the curative properties of perspective. Although I am talking about a physical view from a mountain top or something similar, the reality is that taking a moment to have perspective is more than a beautiful view. Looking at yourself and how you are acting from a far can have an amazing effect on your daily actions. When you start to see, really see, what you are doing and how it affects you and others, you can clearly see changes that could be made. Sometimes, when things are going rough, you just need a really good view. Guy Reams
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