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Rhythm of War

Your level of “geekness” is about to be tested. If you are anxiously and desperately waiting for the November release of Brandon Sanderson’s release of his latest work in the Stormlight Archive series, then you are a complete and total geek. If you do not even know about the pending release of “The Rhythm of War” then you should seriously question your worthiness of being called a geek. Those of us die hards are now re-reading and listening the first installments of the Stormlight Archives in preparation.

If you were enthralled by the Game of Thrones, HBO series, then get ready. Stormlight is destined for a production worthy event and it will be awesome, I am sure. The story is incredible, the magic is amazing and the universe is astonishing. You will love the characters and if you liked the four houses of Harry Potter, then get ready. This next book is sure to focus on the Order of the Knight’s Radiant. You could be one of the chosen ones that get to make friends with a spren from the Roshar and by so doing could be one of the 10 Orders. That is right, Harry Potter had 4, Sanderson has 10!

Would you like to think about what spren you would attract? Then read this cool blog about each of the orders. Here is a short summary: 

  • Windrunner – A natural protector of the weak
  • Skybreaker – An intense person who likes to blow things up
  • Lightweaver – A manipulative person that loves art
  • Elsecaller – A person who does not take crap from anyone and loves to travel
  • Dustbringer – a graceful person, very intricate who is also very dangerous
  • Edgedancer – an agile person that loves to garden
  • Truthwatcher – a person that heals others and likes to predict the future
  • Willshaper – a person that loves chaos and has a great imagination
  • Stoneward – a dependable person that spends tons of time in the gym
  • Bondsmith – you are basically a god in human form and a natural leader

I am still on the fence with what I am. Not as easy as picking Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw. Which leads me to the whole point of this crazy blog post.

I love Brandon Sanderson books, total fan. You should be too. However, the point is that labels are for fictional universes and not for us. The point is that we are all the above, no label fits with us ever. The second that we think that we are one type of person or the other, we are just wrong and setting ourselves up for failure.

There are patterns with the way everyone is, and we could all take some time to identify those patterns. They might even make some sense. The zodiac symbols, to the famous personality tests such as MMPT, 16PF, CPS, and thousands of others. Do we really accept these with any value?

Why do we squeal with delight when our behavior pattern is predicted with a set model of behaviour? Why do we feel a sense of belonging when we get grouped in with a bunch of Type As, or Cat 4’s, Cancers or Edgedancers?

I hereby reject them all. I am me. I am individual. I create my own category. I create chaos and order at the same time. I am creative and destructive. I am a loved and a hater. I am good and I am bad. The point is that I am in control and I have only myself to blame for good or ill. I reserve the ability to lean on deity for assistance and at the same time I accept the fate that I have created for myself.

Stop accepting what others say you are and become who you are. Today is always the day to start. Tear down the wall. You are amazing, and a category all unto yourself. You here that? That is the wardrum of your own personal battle. Go ahead and march to your own rhythm.

Guy Reams

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