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Let it Grow

Learning to raise crops from the ground is a good exercise for everyone to learn. Doing the necessary work to prepare the environment, the soil and other conditions is a lot of work. Then the physical planting and routine fueling and protecting of the plants as well. The thing that you really learn is that successful growth does not happen with a one time effort. Rather growth is a process achieved by a daily routine, one that is consistent and performed with patience.

When you set out to achieve something in life, to grow and to improve it requires the same exact process as growing crops. You cannot start something without the proper preparations. The conditions have to be right. You also cannot put all your effort in on one day and expect growth to happen. Additionally, you cannot maintain your process for just a portion of the time period and give up early and expect growth to happen. You have to have patience, follow the necessary steps and be consistent.

Finally, and this is the point of the blog. You cannot mess with the plants once they start to grow. If you are getting improvement or growth, do not mess with a good thing, just keep it up! Too many plants and too many people fail to grow because some farmer started tweaking things to try and make little adjustments and improvements. Do not mess with a good thing. Just let it grow.

Guy Reams

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