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Wind River Range

Twenty eight years ago I stood at the edge of the Bridger Wilderness in Wyoming and look at the sign that said Wind River Range. The majestic view took ones breath away. It looked like if you went any further you would be stepping off the edge of civilization. Well since that time the area has increased in popularity, but it still has the same mystique.

Here I am in a hotel in Pinedale Wyoming getting ready to start out on a 7 day adventure into the wilderness. I have an idea of where we are headed. Most likely right to the continental divide and Fremont peak area, but we will see. The thing about adventures is you just put your foot on the path and see where it takes you!!

28 years later and I am finally actually going to hike out on the trail that I saw then. Little did I know that my 18 year old son would be going with me!

Anyway, I have absolutely no connection to the outside world, other then a text message sent via sat device. So my blogs will be short, but I can promise an full detail when I return!

Guy Reams





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