The 365 Commitment

Day 11 – Small Bites and Building Resolve

I’ve been doing well in terms of keeping my base 365 Commitment habits so far in 2019. As mentioned in previous posts, I spent 2018 struggling to maintain consistency .The longest run I had was about 90 days.

On January Jan 1st 2019 I began again with firm resolve to do my best this year.  So far, I’m 17 days in with my base 365 habits. The blog writing commitment began in Jan 6, so this is #11.  So far, I enjoy writing it.  When I write I am actually writing to myself.  I need the encouragement  J .  I am also writing to my current and potential descendants, trying to pass on something that will help them in life.  No doubt, the conscious  and incremental development of good daily habits (should they choose to heed my advice) will go a long way to help them avoid unnecessary suffering, enjoy a maximum of meaning, joy, and success, while minimizing suffering in life.

I am also writing to anyone who wants to learn how to discipline themselves with what Guy and I think is the most foundational and effective technique for improving yourself and your life experience – the 365 Commitment.   One of my favorite quotes is “Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler” –Albert Einstein.  I think we’ve managed to do that with 365.

However, like the Ringo Star song says, “It Don’t Come Easy.”  You may find that the core habits of 365 come relatively easy.  But, the daily goals you create may be more elusive.  If you find that you have set an important daily goal, but you keep failing to meet it, then maybe you are taking on too much too fast.  Maybe you have written down “clean my room” but at the end of each day you are not getting it done.  I’ve been there.  Sometimes, seemingly simple things can be really hard to do.  Old habits can die hard. So, here is my advice.  Make it bite size instead of meal size.  Change your goal from “make my room spotless” to “hang up two shirts.”  Make it “bite size.”  Remember, the key is incremental daily success.  Even if it is a small success, you are building a habit of following thru, and small accomplishments really matter when you are struggling.

Another technique I use, is to just keep putting that thing on the list everyday.  Don’t give up on it.  I had a couple of these on my list all week, and today I managed to nail em!  For example, my list, had “teach my daughter how to parallel park” showing up undone on my list every night.  Her driving test is coming up soon.  So, tonight, after 4 days of an undone goal reappearing on my list, I resolved to make it happen, and I did!  Fact is, the extra days of it being on my list were not wasted.  During that time I thought up some strategic ways to help her learn.  We began with a bicycle and some laundry baskets.  Worked like charm.

So, if needed, reduce goals to bite size.  And, if it’s important, keep it on the list, build your resolve and strategy, and make it happen.

Ben Wagner (17)

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