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Form Precedes Function – 137 Days to Go To Marathon

When I was younger, a computer science teacher by trade I believed firmly that form follows function. I taught with passion that you must have a business case before you can justify the creation of a form. I was full of crap.

When I was younger, I was a Wozniak guy. I hated Jobs. Now that I am older I reluctantly appreciate the form first, the vision of jobs that became the worlds most successful company.

When I was younger, I was really worried about what I did. Now, I worry less about that I am doing and more about how I am doing it. Am I doing it the right way? Am I following the right form.

In this sense, it does not matter what you do. It matters how and in what manner you do it. You can find beauty, love, art, magnificence in the most menial of tasks IF you see the form first.

I have been running for 326 days in a row.  For the most part, I have just been trying to get through it. Fight through the misery, struggle through the pain. I wanted to get to X miles, run at Y pace. Fight, Fight, Fight. Accomplish something.

I am on a new path now. I am running, not to achieve the particular objective but rather run and to run correctly. I am carefully running with the correct form. Head up, shoulders back, hips slightly forward and open, chest almost pointed upwards, breath in through nose and out through the mouth in a regular pattern, and arms straight. As I get better at that form, something amazing has occurred.

I like running now.

I have always liked the feeling AFTER I ran. Never during. This morning on my 6 mile run, I felt great. No pain, or discomfort. With the proper form, my feet glided rather then plodded. My hips rotated rather than rocked. My breath was smooth rather then gasping. Maintaining a perfect pace was easy. I did not slow down, or speed up because I did not have to. I just ran.

I also found out that Mary J. Blige is awesome.  My automated google play channel plays random songs, and nothing quite beats running down the quiet urban streets of Cupertino with the Queen of Hip Hop blaring in your ear buds.

Get your freak on.

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