The 365 Commitment

Day 21 – Tidying Up

I rarely get into a TV show.  Years ago, when I was laid off, I got into the show “Overhaulin.”  I would watch with my kids each night until I had seen them all.  If you don’t know the show, these car building experts find a guy whose project car has languished for decades due to more important commitments keeping it on the back burner.  Usually, it’s the wife or children who reach out to the “Overhaulin crew” who would do an incredible job on the car behind the guys back, usually they would fake it being stolen so they would have a week or two to transform the car.  In the reveal scene, almost invariably, the guy whose car it was would be brought to tears, just overwhelmed with tremendous joy and gratitude.  I get a bit choked up just thinking about it now.  It was great, and I loved watching the happy ending every night, it cheered me up through a tough time.

Well now, 7+ years later, I’m  hooked on a new show “Tidying Up.”   As mentioned in previous blogs, I have committed to putting my keys, phone, wallet, and glasses away every time in the same place when not in use because I really want to ingrain this habit, and then expand it to the rest of my stuff.  Anyway,  in this show, a diminutive little Japanese lady helps people who are a bit overwhelmed by their clutter transform their living space.  Without fail their lives and attitudes transform as well, so cool!  There are some things I really like about the show: 1) It’s not over the top dramatization, the people portrayed are relatively normal; so far, no mentally ill hoarder types, 2) an underlying philosophy of “sparking joy” is the decision methodology, 3) sacredness and respect for the household, as if it is an extension of a person’s being and spirit, is foundational to the effort.

I hope that I can get my family to catch on to the notion that caring for our space can be a joyful and a meaningful part of our life experience.  For example, what if the habit of doing laundry does not have to be dreaded and unhappy time? But rather a time to cherish our stuff and each other.  Frankly, I’m sick of having to “get after” them to deal with the ever present piles of clothes.  I really dislike making people do stuff.  But, I do love inspiring people and having fun.  Unfortunately, at home, it’s an uphill battle, as the ancients knew, “Only in his home town and in his own house is a prophet without honor.”  So, if not by be, hopefully they’ll be inspired by the little Japanese lady.  I just have to get them hooked on the show!

She teaches some solid strategies and techniques. Funny how when you focus on something, and commit, new information and opportunities present themselves.  This is a manifestation of how goals shape our reality and experience.  Goals are like a set of lenses or glasses that help us see. 

I think the goal of sparking joy and inspiring people to cherish their lives is fantastic!


Ben Wagner (27)

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