The 365 Commitment

Day 32 – Feeling a New Normal

One thing that I notice, as a result of 38 days of keeping my 365 Commitment, is the feeling of establishing a new normal, or rather my life feels different because a new normal has been established.  This change is due to new habits altering my daily experience.

I sleep regularly now.  I eat entirely differently.  I exercise and meditate every day. I put my keys, wallet, glasses and phone back where they go every time (or nearly so).  I focus on what is most important each day.  Even though I fail sometimes, I have not allowed my momentum forward towards my goal of 365 consecutive days of daily incremental effort to wane.  I want to know how  I will feel, what I will look like, and what my  existential  life will be/feel like on that day.  I’m really curious, because I am already seeing physical changes, and as mentioned my everyday perception is changing as well.

It has been at least 10 years since I sustained a long-term exercise effort.  In 2009 I was training for an olympic level triathlon.  But, I was not focused on ingraining habit, just in getting  myself fit in order to improve my time from the previous year. Even though I worked hard for at least 8 months, when the race was over I stopped exercising regularly. And since then never exceeding a month or so in duration.   Hmm . . maybe it takes a conscious intention to form a habit, at least a good habit.

I’m considering working on a new habit.  A habit of mind that will impact nearly everything I do.  The habit is “slightly over preparing.”  I have typically under-prepared and relied my ability to riff in the moment, or think on my feet, or cram before a test.  “Slightly over-preparing”  would be a big shift, a good shift, and I am curious to see what impact it will have on my life.   I still have not committed to this concept as a new habit of mind, but it is percolating.  I am pragmatic in my habit making and this one seems like it could mitigate a shortcoming I have.  But it would be a big change.

I am cautious about making too many changes with out allowing them to solidify.  I think the 90 day mark is a probably a minimum for any habit to become ingrained, assuming your intention is involved as well. And, I’ve got at least a half dozen “new” habits that are curing at the moment.

I did 72 pushups (inclined with feet up on a bench) today.  I add two per week.  I also hit the gym for a 30min workout of dips, military press, upright row, and triceps cables.  Pull-ups will be 23 tomorrow.  And, I worked until 7:30pm.  Not bragging, just logging this stuff.  Onward.

Ben Wagner (38)

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