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Arrows in the Quiver

Sometimes stuff just happens to you. Bad things. Tragic things. Set backs. Punches to the gut. Speed bumps and many times just down right brick walls in your way. You wake up and get going, fighting through the day and wammo something completely unexpected happens. This may set you off course, cause you to hiccup a bit, or perhaps a lot. However, I have taken to a new concept that I use when this occurs.

Every thing that happens to get in my way becomes another arrow in my quiver. I have heard people use other phases. I was reading Goggins’ book and he calls it cookies in the cookie jar. This is in reference to something negative from his childhood. I call it arrows in my quiver. When I find myself trying to overcome an obstacle, such as running an extra long distance, doing that extra amount of work in the gym, or resisting a tempting morsel that I should not eat I will pull one of these arrows out of my quiver.

These are the things that I remember. Loved ones that have passed on. Tough times that I had to overcome. Difficult moments that I wish to put behind me. I remember them, because they make me stronger. They remind me of pain, of struggle, or I guess I should say REAL struggle. When I am trying to get that extra motivation I need, I pull the arrow out of the quiver and I am ready to go. I dug that much deeper. I pulled on that reserve and I am armed and ready.

Start collecting your arrows, your cookies, whatever you want to call it. Next time you are in need of extra motivation when you are about ready to quit or to give in. Pull that out just when you need it. Remember that person, remember that moment, remember the time when you really did struggle. That will propel you forward again. Collect several over the years, because there maybe one day you are really going to need them all. One day when you are trying to push yourself harder then you have ever done before.

That is when you reach in an use every arrow in the quiver that you have. That is how you push on through and find success against all odds.

Guy Reams

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