The 365 Commitment

The 365 Commitment

Can you commit to do something everyday for 365 days in a row?

I have kept 10 separate habits now for 365 days in a row. Everyone of them have impacted me in a significant way and I feel like I am a better person now due to the experience.

I have not kept all of them up after the full year, but some I have. The challenge of doing something everyday for 365 days in a row is an excellent trial to determine if the habit is worthy of a lifetime commitment. In some cases, I determined that everyday was not practical so I revised the habit. However, after 365 days in a row I can say that the habit transforms to lifestyle status. The act becomes you.

I am different now. I find myself falling into a meditation without planning it. I am a prolific reader now. I am a runner. I am also a writer. I write for pleasure which is a weird change for sure. Writing has always been such torture. There are other changes, that no one cares about I am sure, but I now have a core foundation of daily living which is a dramatic improvement over the last few years.

Keeping up a critical habit for 365 days in a row is a transformative experience and I highly recommend identifying one for yourself. Of course, my bias is the first habit that I created, for which my daily blog was originally dedicated. I will keep that for life. Everyday, waking at 5am and prayerfully asking myself the question, What is the most important things I can do today?

Can you redefine who you are? Can you reinvent yourself? Can you change the course you are on? Can you rise up from the ashes and burn bright once again? Yes. You can. The only thing in your way is keeping one commitment for 365 days in a row. Your transformation has to start somewhere. What is it going to be?

You do not have to wait. You can start right now, today. Pick the one thing and do it now and then again tomorrow. Repeat 363 times and your life will absolutely and completely change for the better. Quit waiting for life to dish it to you in ready made cartons, go find your own path. Invent the package for which you get your own nourishment. You are your own master and it starts right now. You have been a slave up to this point. Time to break the shackles. Time to let people know who you really are.

Unless of course you already are in control of your own destiny, then good job. You can always pick up a new awesome habit and you can start right now as well. Do not get static and stale. Do not let yourself get caught flat footed. Get on your toes get to that starting block. The gun is firing again. Time to sprint. Discipline and success are not complicated, they are rather just the accumulation of habits. So get going! Start with your first or if you already have a few, add another. Right now is always the best time to start the habit that will change your life for the better.

Guy Reams

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