The 365 Commitment

The Weekly Review

Awhile back ago, I implemented a weekly review. I decided on Sunday mornings. Sunday is the first day or the last day of the week, either works. It is also a time when I usually do not have a lot going on. It also has been a historic time of reflection, religious upbringing and all of that.

So naturally Sunday morning is a time to ponder my progress on my goals, my objectives and how I am doing toward my vision for the future. I have to point out how important it is to have this time for pondering the question, How am I doing?

I have started a separate notebook for writing in this very topic. Each week, I catalog my progress, write my thoughts down and spend a moment recommitting myself to the 78. Oops, sorry you have no idea what 78 is. It is a symbol that I created that represents my future self. Hey! This is my mind here, I don’t have to try to explain it, it just works!

However, I fell off this practice for a few weeks. What a mistake that was. That weekly time to reflect and ponder my progress was having a rejuvenating effect. Without it, I have felt a bit like a small craft at sea with little propulsion. I need to realign myself to true north on a regular basis, call for first watch and start over again.

Many weeks it feels a bit mundane, like a systems check. All systems go, aye, aye captain. However, just because the systems typically check out does that mean you should forgo the checks? I have learned the reasons for systems checks in my recent foray into the nautical world with my small little boat on the ocean. It really, really, sucks to get out of harbor and discover something you forgot to do. You only do that once!

So when I set sail and turn the keel into the wind on Monday morning, I want to make sure that all systems are a go. With everything ready, mind clear, and confidence on high, I am ready to take on the week.

How many times have you started Monday morning already behind, already stressed, the pressures of your life already having the upper hand? If that happens it is usually because you are not ever able to reset from the previous week. A key tool to combat that is what I now call my weekly review.

Guy Reams

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