The 365 Commitment

Day 1 Result – Gratitude

So Day 1 of my Self Proclaimed Holy Week resulted in a feeling of gratitude. One thing that fasting and a focus on less physical things can do for you is to help you realize how grateful you are for what you do have. Yesterday went well. A few times my family tempted me with yummy food, but for the most part I was able to keep myself distracted. If I engage myself in an activity, then I notice that I am less inclined to worry about food. Instead of eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner I worked on organizing and cleaning a few things. I had extra time on my hands, so I got a lot done.

A tip that I learned a while back ago, if you really are deciding to make an improvement in your life, then it is a really good idea to start out right. After getting up, I got myself cleaned up and put on some nicer clothes than usual. This just helped me to feel better about myself and my environment. Instead of stressing about all the things that I had to do, if I saw something that was bugging me, I just took care of it. For example, there is an area of my closet that has accumulated some clutter. It bugs me, but I have never really got around to cleaning it up. Yesterday, I walked into my closet to find a shirt and I saw that box of clutter. Instead of ignoring it, I just took care of it right then and there. No more messy clutter box and no more worrying about it. A simple thing really, but certainly did a lot for my mental state.

We spent time discussing some spiritual ideas as a family. That went well, and it felt good to have that type of discussion as a family. Since we cannot rely on Church or other external sources for spiritual nourishment we were forced to consider this and talk it out as a family. The kids are suspicious of this activity, their trust level is pretty low. They are waiting for the shoe to drop and to be notified of big changes, but that did not happen. We just talked and had some good ideas. Nothing more.

We also decided to take a drive. I just meandered around streets that I have never been down in my home town. That was interesting, except for the part where we had to put the SUV into 4-wheel drive. My wife did not appreciate that too much, although I suspect the kids that it was awesome. IT was good to spend an afternoon away from news, media, and constant reminders that we have house work to do and get out and see the countryside. A worthwhile exploration. I found some property that I could only dream of buying. Ha! Maybe that needs to be what I fast for today! That would be greedy, however, so no I will have to come up with something else.

Yesterday was about the world and it’s reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic. I fasted for speedy resolution, a healthy return to a normal productive world. Perhaps we will learn some valuable lessons, a little course correction if you will. I fasted that the world will find a good path though all of this. My small sacrifice toward a much larger cause, at least I applied my faith toward something! Anyway, as I continue my week dedicated to my own Quest, I am contemplating what to focus on today. I decided to work on helping one of my children with their future plans, and to get myself organized a bit to clear distractions so that I could spend the rest of the week in a quality effort.

Energy level is pretty good this morning. Some minor pain in my lower abdomen from time to time, I have also started urinating frequently. This is a symptom of reduced sodium levels. I know and expect this, from past experience. I lost 4 lbs yesterday, probably in just pure excess water. My hearth will be happy today, as it is probably easier to pump blood through the circulation without the excess water. Sodium is life saving, but also very deadly if you do not pay attention. Slight headache last night and this morning. Not a good idea to take any medicines, rather better to do some light physical activity and to drink lots of water. I ran a few miles this morning, casually, and did so just as the sun was starting to rise. Beautiful and brisk morning made each breath feel that much more invigorating. I woke the kids up and got the family going. Today is a new day for sure!

Guy Reams

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4 years ago

Another good motivational blog! I just finished cleaning and sorting a pantry . I dreaded it but was surprised how fast it went. I feel good now that it’s done!

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