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Fear is the Problem

If you are not doing something that you are supposed to do, or something you really want to do then fear is the problem. If you keep thinking in your mind that you need to do this or want to do that, but you just are not doing it then you have to really ask the question why? I can almost guarantee that the problem is that you are afraid of something.

What are you afraid of?

That is the main question. Perhaps the most important question that you should ponder that is causing long term procrastination of something that is really important to you. What is it that you are so afraid of that you will not do that is critical for your personal well being?

It is almost always fear.

It is hard to recognize, at first. However, if you actually spend a few moments and think it through you will realize that it really is fear that is stopping you. For example, fear of failure is one of the most frequent culprits. It is the perfectionists curse, and I know it well. Some of the most successful people in outward impression are really just paralyzed with fear. Fear that they can and will fail. They spend a lot of their energy trying to put up a facade and by so doing waste a ton of energy distracting themselves and others from the fact that they have done very little to progress. They do not want to take that step forward because they do not want to be found out as a failure.

Contrast this to people that have no fear of failure. They start out just trying things with no pretense. They succeed because they are willing to fail and ask the dumb questions that the proud and fearful will not ask. They seem odd and strange to us because they jump in do things that we cringe at. However, we watch them climb to success while we cringe. Perfect example, Rob Cheng. I was squirming big time on his first round of TV ads. A total joke of a anti-virus software. However, he climbed his way to a 20M company pretty quickly. Sure he did the gimic, the obvious, the “dumb” thing, but how many of us wish we could create a $20M software company? Or how about Michel Lindell? Seriously, a freaking pillow? He is basically a crack cocaine addict who in his recovery decided to market a new pillow he created. While we all laughed and cringed at his stupid ads, he is now worth 300M and is now doing quite a bit to help others recover from addiction. Who is contributor to society now, oh fearful one?

That is right, stay holed up in your shell. Fearful and afraid while the baboons of the world take risks and earn their stripes. They will stumble into both success and failure while we, who remain afraid never get started. So fear is the problem. Find out what you are afraid of and figure out how to conquer that. Then you will be free from torment and hesitation and on your way to success.

Guy Reams

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