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In League with Stone

In one of Job’s lamentations he uses this phrase, being in league with stone. I sort of like that phrase. To be in league with something means that you are more than teamed up with, it is as if you are one. You are in concert, you emulate the characteristics. So I strive to be in league with stone.

I really want to be immovable, unbreakable in my resolve. Have the ability to withstand the elements, to stand strong despite the circumstances. Stone is firm. Stone is strong. Stone is powerful. Of course stone is many other things and this analogy breaks down (literally) if I take it to far. However, I will use the literary illusion to my benefit today.

I have ambition, a direction, a purpose, a drive and I am immovable. I will not be deterred. I will withstand any and all attempts to push me aside, ignore me or steer my course. I am monolith. I am Stonehenge. I am Gibraltar. I am K2. I am a stone thrown in still water. I will survive despite all odds.

I am rolling down the hill now and gaining momentum. I cannot be stopped. Ok, enough for the melodrama, the point is that this is an attitude of resolve and fortitude that one can adopt when needed. So think this through. When something gets tough, you start to freak out a bit. When you feel the doubt come, just whisper to yourself this phrase:

I am in league with stone…..

The mask of firm resolve will then settle over you, you will set your jaw. You will get up anyway. You will run in the rain. You will dance to the lightning with your hands waving free. You will be undeterred, you will be stone. You will maintain your momentum, your resolve.

Guy Reams

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