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New Computer

So I bought a new computer. I have not bought a new computer since for a very long time. I always got hand me downs from the business that I owned or from my job, or from the college. Lately, I have been all laptops. Going through laptops each year. However, my creativity was floundering. I needed some power down there by my feet. So I went and got all the cool parts and had someone build a computer for me. I am writing this blog from that computer now. I have never typed so fast in my life. Not sure what it is, the keyboard responsiveness has not changed, but something about having 32 core AMD Thread-ripper processing what I am typing has turbo charged my mental synapses. Now I have no idea what I am going to do with this beast. I have more memory than all my machines combined over the last 10 years. I have more processing power then every computer in my entire extended family, including their phones combined. Not to mention that the video card that I am using is so powerful that I can now tell that this font I have been using to type this blog is really bad. I can see the small little gaps on some of the lettering.

So here I sit. The world at my fingertips. A computer fast enough to make the gamer kids down the street envious. I feel like I can do anything. So what is it going to be? What am I going to start? What am I going to invent? What am I going to produce, to create, to research, to find? New computer, new lease on life. Hmmm. The possibilities are limitless.

Guy Reams

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