The 365 Commitment

Wait a Year

Whenever we try something to improve ourselves, we are excited (usually) to get started. Then the pain comes, and if we are able to get past that then we start to build toward a habit. Then we start looking for results. Here is the problem with that.

It takes 1 year to see results from an improvement effort. We want to see results in 1 month. There is a disconnect that we have with how long it takes to see marked improvement. Improvement never takes less than a year. It is always a year. You simply have to keep doing the new good thing until the earth revolves completely around the sun. That is just the reality of the situation. Let me give some good examples.

Lets say you start to do a new workout routine. Let me give you a basic one that would dramatically change your life. Wake up, drink 16oz of water, do pushups, situps, squats (add 1 per day until you get to 100 each). Then go run. Run only 1/2 a mile at first and then add a little until you can run 6 miles every morning. Then keep this up 100 pushups, situps, squats, a full 2 cups of water, and a 6 mile run. Do that for 1 year and you will see amazing results (assuming of course you are currently lazy and out of shape). If you are in good health, and physically in shape then you already know this concept! If you follow this simple program for one year consistently, the results will be noticeable. You will build muscle tone, you will lose weight, you will look and feel better, you blood pressure and heart rate will drop. You will feel less tired during the day, you will sleep better. Of course, you can improve up on this but I am just using this as an example.

The problem is that if you really did start that program, you will be looking in the mirror after 3 weeks and be ready to give up because you do not see improvement. The thing is that you will be improving. You will improve from the inside out. Slowly, ever so slowly, you will begin to change. Your body will adapt to the new demands it is being given. You will see small improvements along the way, but it will take a year for you to get the dramatic impact that you wanted. 1 year. That is what it takes.

I cooked and prepared meals last week and ate better than I have in my entire life. I have never eaten as healthy as I did this last week. There was a noticeable difference in how I felt. I ate pizza last night with the kids, I regret that. My body went into shock. What the hell was that crap you just ate? Says my body. It was thinking, I was expecting herbs, spices, vegetables, easy to digest foods. Instead it got three slices of processed bread, too much cheese and some really salted preserved meats. However, my mood was better this week. I generally felt better about the world. However, for this to have a real and powerful impact then I need to keep that up for 1 year. So if I want a habit – I have to keep the new food prep strategy up for 90 days. If I want a lifestyle change than I have to wait 365 days.

Guy Reams

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3 years ago

Curse you, brother! I ran 1/2 mile. Brutal! And drank the water… and did the push-up/sit up squat thing.
364 days to go.


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