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I am Dangerous

Yes, I am dangerous.

I am capable of greatness. Great destruction. Acts of amazing creativity. I am a ball of potential energy. I could release a torrent of ambition in any given direction. I am bezerker. I am a wild viking running up to your weak little ramparts after spending 3 weeks at sea. I am a wild eyed crazy madman. I am dangerous.

We are all dangerous. We are all capable of turning the tide. We are all someone that others should be careful to trifle with. We have the same potential, you and I. We can flip the switch. We can turn from passive to aggressive. We are both capable of toppling the mighty, or raising the weak and weary. We are humankind. We are dangerous.

You are a grand creation. You are the pinnacle of a great intelligence. You are the cumlination of millenia of evolutionary progress. You are embyo. You are the beginning and the end. You are intelligent. You are fierce. You are the sum total of all human development. You are the king and the queen. You are man and woman. You are dangerous.

Recognize the potential in yourself. See the potential in others. Understand that behind the eyes of every soul that you stare into, you are dealing with a caged beast. All people are capable.

Be Dangerous

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