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The Power of Pause

Many people feel that you have to fill in all the space in order to add value or improve a situation. The opposite is actually true. You do not have to fill all the space up with noise, you can in fact put in a few pauses.

A good example is speaking. The most powerful speakers in the world, use pauses effectively. They are the most effective when they choose not to say anything at all, taking a pause at the right moment. Give the audience time to think for themselves.

When you are talking with someone, do not be afraid of the pause. You can add a lot of improvement to your conversations by allowing for pause. Letting others think, ponder, ask questions. Pausing is critical or your message will be lost, or you will not have time to listen.

When you are working throughout the day, do not be afraid of the pause. Take time in between tasks, take a pause. Rest and think for a moment. How can you make correct decisions without some time to think? How can you plan anything without a pause or two? Pausing throughout your day will produce a more effective day.

Pausing is ok. Pausing is good. You do not have to be constantly doing something, or saying something all the time. Relax, take a deep breath and pause.

Guy Reams

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