The 365 Commitment

Before the Sun

I have followed, watched, read and listened to some of the most successful people on the planet. There is one common theme. They get the most important things done before the sun comes up, while everyone else is sleeping. That is right, while you are hitting the snooze button for the 10th time, famous athletes like Michael Jordan had already practiced 300 jump shots. He knew that repetition of the most fundamental skills were required for his success, so he practiced them every morning, first thing. So I have a question!

What do you accomplish before the sun comes up?

I have effectively four things that I do every morning usually before the sun comes up. Those four things are engrained habits now, and even my bad days have those four things done. I was thinking this morning, what if I got everything that was the most important for the day done before 10am? What would the rest of the day be like then? What if you already had a successful day before 10 everyday!?

I think you can pretty much draw a conclusion here. What you accomplish before the sun comes up will define you, define who you are, and pave the way for your success or failure.

Guy Reams

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