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Eat the Same Thing

I wonder if I could do it? Eat the same thing everyday. I mean, sure, I would be able to substitute lean beef for chicken, raspberries for blueberries, and cauliflower for broccoli. Could you eat the same thing everyday, with just a small amount of variety?

Before you guffaw, lets just go through some basic facts.

First and foremost, every shredded person you see with the physique you want gets there by basically eating the same thing everyday. They actually eat more than you, and not less. They eat a ton, build muscle and then for a period of time eat incredibly lean. That is how they look like a Greek god or goddess when they are done with the program. Of course they are on an intense muscle building workout program at the same time.

Second, food is the number one contributor to you mood swings, how you feel, and you physical health. You basically resemble you eating habits. If you want to feel better, look better, and generally lead a healthy existence then you need to eat correctly. If you at the same thing everyday, and what you ate was good, then you would solve this problem.

Third, you would save a ton of money and time. Chances are you spending way to much time dealing with food, going to get food, preparing for food, stressing out over food. You over eat, over indulge. Eating the same thing and exactly the same quantifies would resolve both those issues. You would spend less money and engage in less time thinking about it.

Fourth, you would remove the single largest variable in your life. What you intake is a variable currently out of your control. If you controlled that variable, then you would significantly decrease that variable part of your life. It would tremendously help you know exactly what was causing you problems.

So could you do it? Before you say no, think about it. Would it be possible? Certainly would make life easier, but less enjoyable, right? What if you started finding enjoyment in areas of life that did not center around food and drink consumption?

Guy Reams

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