The 365 Commitment


If it takes a lot of energy, time, and commitment behind an investment then it will pay more reward in the future and over a longer period of time. If the amount of time to invest takes a short period of time then the reward will be quick, risk very high and the gains will be short term, lasting hardly at all. This is true with any asset you invest in, but it is equally true with relationships, with your employment, your employees, your company and anything else of lasting value.

If it takes considerable effort to invest, or the equivalent value of your effort in terms of money, then this will tend to be true. The more time = the more value. The more effort = the more value. It is not about taking short cuts, or getting rich quick, or getting lucky in a relationship. It is really about investment of your time. I am beginning to realize that this a truth that is just inescapable. You will only gain long term benefit from what you put your time into. Sounds obvious now that I write that out.

Guy Reams

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