The 365 Commitment

Summer of….

Well summer is in the air. I was in San Diego this weekend and you could just feel the enthusiasm for just having fun. I think this weekend marked the official end to the Covid pandemic. I think the national mask mandate ending on top of just the overall fatigue of it all just came to a tipping point. The pool at the hotel marina that my boat was at was clearly ground zero, or at least it felt like it.

So the summer is almost officially beginning. Are you going to let this epic after covid summer of fun pass you by? I hope not. I think you should do what I did. I wrote my plan on a white board in my office and started filling it out. I am going to plan out the next 16 weeks and pack it in with just awesome, fun, interesting things that help me achieve my personal goals and that of my family.

What is your summer going to be?


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