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I am a bit of mood lately, you can probably tell by my blog entries. That is if you even read these things! Going through an intense struggle right now and I am fighting through it. I will come out victorious. Never give up! Never Surrender!

At any rate, I was thinking today about bucket lists. What a funny concept. People make a list of things they are going to do before they die and then try to accomplish them and check them off. Well, I have come up with a better idea!

It is called the Last Think I am going to do List. It only has one entry on it. If I could only do one last thing on this earth, what would it be? Can you answer that question?

If you can answer that question, then right it down right now. Then simply schedule it! Put that one thing in your schedule at some date in the near future and just go get it done!

It is amazing how much better that makes you feel. Take it from me, I am seriously sitting in my office licking my wounds from getting my butt kicked for the last 6 months. This idea was incredibly liberating. Write the one thing down, schedule it, and make it happen!

Then when you do get that one thing done, come up with a new one. Voila, now you are really living!

Guy Reams

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Nancy Corcos
Nancy Corcos
2 years ago

Love it! My one thing is doing a good deed. Simply trying to make this world a better place, one person at a time.

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