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100 Years of Uncertainty

So we have had the theory of Quantum Physics now for 100 years. Now that is incredible to think about. For 100 years humankind has been kicking around the idea that the only thing certain about reality is uncertainty.

It all started with Heisenberg,  a young German scientist who had an idea rolling around in his head. He knew that he was onto something, so much so, that in 1925 at the age of 23 he isolated himself on an island to think. Thus was born the first real quantum idea, the uncertainty principal.

The concept is this. You have heard it before. If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound if no one is there to hear it? Better stated. I am looking at a little rainbow colored unicorn toy called Sprinkles. Now you might describe certain properties of Sprinkles. Blue eyes, yellow mane, fluffy hair makes a magical sound with flashing lights.

Now the basic question this young man was pondering was this. Does Sprinkles actually exist? Now, it certainly does exist as my daughter presses the button on its ear and it lights up and walks around. However, would it exist if we were not here to perceive it? Do properties of an object exist when they are not interfacing with a particular environment? This is relativity. This is uncertainty. An object gains property by interfacing with reality. This changes the foundation on which many scientific concepts are based. Thus began all the revolutionary concepts of the last century.

Now here is the thought that I came up with today. Does anything you want to accomplish exist at all prior to you taking action on it? Perhaps we should view everything we do as nonexistent until we do something to observe or interact with it. What about your goals in life?

Guy Reams

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