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Be Epic

I think we should all have a goal to do something epic. At least once. Something that would be worthy of an epitaph. Maybe you would not actually chisel it into your grave marker, but something that people would remember. Just as an example, my Grandfather Warren. I knew him really well, luckily so did my children. However, now that a few years have passed what do we remember him for? Well he started a law practice all on his own and was quite successful at it. I would call that epic. He was also a really passionate fly fisherman, I guess you can call that epic as well. The next 4 to 5, perhaps 6 generations will remember those to things about my Grandfather.

As I think about the lives of others who have passed on, not all of them have something epic to remember them by. That is a bit sad, don’t you think? The next generation after me and my kids will know their names and a bit of their story, as I have documented it well but beyond dates and times, there is not much else to say. Maybe, sadly, there is nothing epic there and therefore nothing to report. I have some relatives that did epic things and we remember these things well. I had relatives that started ranches (epic), survived significant tragedy (epic) , got shot down in a plane during the war (epic) and few others. Now I know what we should think. Well they were a loving parent, they raised several children, are not those epic things? Well, I think they are great things, wonderful even. We will love them dearly for their efforts, but unfortunately society only remembers the epic things.

So I think we all should have at least one epic thing so that generations to come will know us for who we were, or at least one thing about us that is significant. A good goal. Now hopefully it will not be something notorious, I have a few of those as well! As much as I love to hear about the former gangster in the mob, or the moonshine bootlegger, I think we should all aspire to be epic in our attempts to improve the world around us.

I suppose that is the first criterion for epicness – make the world a better place. However, I think we also need to aspire to do something noteworthy, spectacular even. Now it does not have to be something that would make you famous, but it can be something you dedicate effort toward that people recognize you for and associate you with the activity. My great aunt was a crossing guard, and probably the best ever. I think that was epic, especially after I heard what was said by others about the impact she had on them. So you can be epic in many ways, probably each of us have our own unique way. I encourage you to find it!

Maybe you have done something epic, but it is just not recognized by anyone. Please, Please, Please tell the story! The younger generation needs to hear or it will be lost forever. It is not bragging! It is honoring the memory of epicness – and that is ok and in fact appreciated. Do you think you have not done anything epic yet and that really concerns you? Well, this is a wake up call to get busy. Make something, create something, write something, do something. Your epic calling awaits you.

Guy Reams

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