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So I have a challenge for you. Compose and then send a letter to a childhood hero. I took sometime out of my day to write a letter to a Hip Hop Artist that I admired during the late 80s. He was a very unique person and is engaged in some interesting things today. I looked him up, search around a bit and found his address. I mailed him a letter. I am sure that he will not respond to some middle aged white dude from Southern California, if he even read it. However, the exercise was very interesting. I had to figure out what to write?? What exactly was inspiring to me and why?

Now that was a fascinating exercise. What was going through my mind at the time that found inspiration in the poetry of a young man from the South Bronx? I learned a little about myself, about who I was aspiring to be like and what my motivations were. This helped me think through some of my future plans and helped me solidify on a few ideas.

It was a good thing to do and helped break up the day and gave me something to think about rather than the same ol thing. Plus, who knows, maybe I can return a bit back to one of the people that helped me become who I am today.

Guy Reams

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