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28 Knock Out

So I came up with this idea that I am implementing over the next month or so. The idea is based on this concept. If you had 3 meals a day for a week that would be 21 days. Add a snack on each day and that is 28. That explains the 28 number in the plan. Now one of the downfalls of my planning has always been when I sit down and make a meal plan, I always go all out. I try to handle an entire week in advance. This works about 1 week and then I fail. So instead, I am going to knock 1 meal or snack out at a time. So I will keep knocking meals / snacks out until I have 28 that I know how to prepare and shop for.

For example, I learned how to make a cocoa, almond and date smoothie with a perfect blend of protein and carb sources. I use almond milk, so this is a really tasty, smooth drink. It is not hard to make, it is a perfect breakfast that I can make in just about 10 minutes. The ingredients are not hard to put together, and it is healthy. Now, if I had to come up with that one plus 27 other plans, I would crumble. Now I could plan to make this drink 3 days out of the 7. That would cut my shopping and planning list down, but I still have the same problem. I do not know how to make it, I have not memorized it, and it takes me too long to make it. So what I need to do is knock this one out. So I can get one really good meal under my belt, and there you go. I can struggle on 27 others, but I have the 1 that I can use to create a fast, healthy meal for that morning. So there you go 1 down 27 to go. This does not sound as daunting when you look at it this way.

Now I have  way to consider eating out or fast food options. Instead of worrying about that, I can pick 5 or so restaurants and then identify a meal that would be a decent choice, adequate nutrition profile, and then I have pre-decided – a meal substitute that I can use when travelling or on a night that I go out. That is easy, but it takes pre planning and some memorization. There, 2 down 26 to go.

I came up with a snack option. I call it banana ice cream. It is basically frozen ice cream, with some pre-packaged glazed almonds from TJs and some toasted coconut flakes. This is a low sugar, ice cream substitute that has a good nutrient base that I can use when I want a snack and I am being tempted badly. This requires some prep work, but if all I do is buy some bananas, peel and freeze them, and buy two items from TJs, then I am good to go. So with a LITTLE bit of planning, I have 1 snack choice. There 3 down 25 to go.

So I am going to give this a shot. One day at a time. In 30 days or so, I should have some solid, well planned meal choices that are well balanced, healthy and suited for my ever increasing running regime.

Guy Reams

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