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The Multiplier

If you are going to engage in any activity it is wise to consider how that activity might become a multiplier. Activities that serve more than one purpose help to multiply the time you spend in your life. If you can accomplish more than one thing at at time then you are that much more effective as a person. However, there is a big catch here.

You cannot not just automatically perform your activities with this multiplication effect, if you do not do the correct amount of planning then you will repeatedly fail to do this. Do not worry, there is hope. There are two very simple things you can do that will cause this multiplication effect to occur naturally in your life and you will discover that you are actually achieving many things all at once.

First – in order to experience multiplication you actually have to have objectives, and preferably have them clearly written down and easily seen and referenced. When you have articulated your clear, unambiguous and direct objectives, and have written them down you have created something that will direct your daily pursuit. That is first step – actually have articulated goals.

Second – once you have articulated goals, wake up every morning and the first thing you ask yourself is how can I make progress in achieving my objectives? You will then naturally look for opportunities to do so and it is then that you start to find activities that multiply.

For example, lets say your goal was to spend more time with your daughter. Maybe more specific, build a great relationship with my daughter where I will find myself in frequent and meaningful conversations with her. So if you have that objective written down, then when you wake up and look at your day you can ask yourself, how am I going to achieve that objective? The answer will become obvious, include her in an activity that you have to accomplish that day. Suddenly you are multiplying the impact of the time you spend during the day.

Now you start to add more objectives and your morning review session starts to really compound your daily tasks into a series of multipliers. This is how you become more effective as a person.

Many people start their day with a prayer or meditation. This helps people for many profound and not so profound reasons. However, one really concrete reason is that when you clear your mind, and remember what is really important you tend to focus your energy on the vital and most critical things in life. This is one of the reasons that seeking aid from a higher power is so effective. Separating the ideal from your own mind, and own consciousness, you create a pathway to get there. It is with this process that you can see clearer and make better decisions as to what you with your time.

Guy Reams

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