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The Big Rocks Thing

We have all heard the big rocks thing. That is the Stephen Covey concept that you need to put the big rocks in the bucket first, then you can fill the rest with small rocks, sand. You can demonstrate this pretty easily. If you pour the sand in first, you will never fit in the big rocks. However, if you put the big rocks in first, then you can fill the sand in and round the big rocks. The idea is to put that is really important first.

However I just discovered a problem with the big rocks thing. Why in the world would I put any little rocks in there at all? Why surround yourself with sand? Life is just too short – we should ONLY worry about the big rocks!! Forget filling ever nook and cranny of your life with little left over tasks – what about do not do them at all! I know what you are going to say. Guy, eating is a little rock, you have to eat. Well is eating a little rock? Seriously? If you do not eat – you die. If you do not sleep – you die. These are not little rocks after all but VERY BIG rocks. That is the problem! That is the fatal flaw!

We put the big rocks first, then fill in the rest with the little rocks and then we do not have time to eat properly, get good sleep, exercise, or do other things like spend time with loved ones. That is because we are DROWNING with little rocks! Just stop worrying about them. In 10 years all you are going to remember or have to show for this time, is one or two of the big rocks anyway, so it just does not matter! Forget all those little things, get to the big ones and stay there!

So I do not agree with Covey. You should have enough room for the big rocks, not because you put them first, but because that is the ONLY thing you put in, in the first place!

Guy Reams

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