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Hard Rain

Christmas Eve. 5am. Cold. Running Shoes on, compression socks. It is going to be a wet run. Rain is coming down hard. Hard Rain. The gust of wind in the face, hard pelting rain stinging the eyes, first 100 feet already soaked. The grin. Knowing that this run is getting done despite the downpour. Mile 6, cannot avoid the puddles know. Just run right through them. A fresh dose of cold water to run across the top of my socks. Every step splashes water up my back now. Not only am I completing the run, but I am doing the time trial for today. 11 fartleks, 6 min per mile pace. Just completed fastest mile ever, in the rain.

The fog is lifting off the street the rain is coming down so hard now. The drops of rain feel like small explosives going off all around me. Running in the middle of the street now, only way to stay out of ankle deep water. No cars are out, who would drive in this mess? Up ahead I see a shadow shaped silhouetted in the fog. Coming closer now. Slight reflection off the ground. It is another runner, also taking refuge in the middle of the road.

A tip of the head, a slight nod and a smile. Knowing. Hard Rain. Lets go.

Guy Reams

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