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The single largest expense for companies is and remains people. Often times this is where innovation starts and stops. Reducing the cost of people, or helping people become more productive is at the heart of any successful plan. Investing in people is usually a good choice when faced with other questionable alternatives. So if this is such as common consideration, why is it so frequently a concern in our own personal lives?

Some of us went to college and even fewer of us borrowed money to go to college. However, for those of us that did, borrowing money for college is probably the single largest investment that you have made in yourself. You may have paid for some trade school or something similar, but that is usually not the case. Most often people just do not invest in themselves.

The older you get, the less likely the case you will put money into yourself. People just do not do this, for reasons that are hard to understand. Investing in yourself is and remains the single best way to gain more productivity, more income, and better quality of life.

Seems to me that we should all be striving to look for ways to spend money on a self improvement plan.

Guy Reams

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