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Its Ok. You can Still Buy

So the world is in turmoil. I paid 5.89 per gallon of gas today in SoCal. I had to do some landscape work in my yard, because there is such a labor shortage that you cannot find people to do that type of work. A bought something to drink this morning, the price has doubled since last year. Doubled. The news is actively talking about WW3, but hey, I found out today that you can watch livestream shopping channels on Amazon. Yup, whew. I was feeling pretty stressed out until I discovered this little gem. I am mean I do not know why I found watching a woman pimp Amazon dresses u NEED so comforting. I almost even clicked the star in the right corner so that I could through my elation out there with the rest of the listless shoppers of the world.

At least the U.S. people have their priorities in the right place, right?


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