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In light of Easter, thought I would reflect on one of the last things that Jesus was recorded to have taught. Just before he left the feast of the Passover with this disciples to head to the Mount of Olives, it is recorded that he paused for a moment and said one last thing. He told them he was heading to go to his Father and that they should not be afraid that his Father would send a Comforter, or the Holy Ghost to remind them of all the things he taught. The Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost is interpreted by Christians to be the gift of God to his followers. This is not an entirely Christian concept, although really important to the faith.

I was thinking today, as I pondered this concept. I thought, just pretend for a minute that all talents, all abilities in one’s life are born as a gift from God, or a gift of the Spirit. There are many diverse talents, gifts, and abilities in the human family. This got me to thinking, in human DNA there is a very small portion of that DNA that makes us all different. Even though the portion of the genome that provides us with our unique characteristics is a small part of the sequence, the number of possible combinations that theoretically can exist is a very large number. What if talent, or human abilities are also unique to each human? What if these “gifts” we have been provided are unique to each of us? What if the “thing” that makes us, us is not only our unique combination of DNA, but also our own unique blend of spiritual gifts and/or talents.

That would mean that this unique and very distinct combination of DNA + spiritual gifts (call them talents if the word spiritual makes you nervous) would be so unique that they would be a literally fingerprint identifying a person exactly. Which would lead you to the conclusion that you, or at least the idea of you, has been around forever. In the infinite wisdom and knowledge of God and the Universe, the combination and unique talent profile that makes you , you has always existed and never not existed.

Take that into perspective when working on your self improvement plan. You are so individual unique, so individually great, that you are a powerful, special cocktail of diverse talents just waiting to realize full potential.

Guy Reams

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