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Feedback Loop

When looking at self it is helpful to look at self as a system. Dispassionately. Look at self from a bird’s eye view and consider self as several discrete parts, just like you would do when troubleshooting a system.

If we really do look at self as a system, then we must consider feedback loops. Every system has a feedback loop, or I should say every HIGH FUNCTIONING system has a feedback loop. A loop is really rather simple. You collect data regarding your functioning, bring it in for analysis, review and then make decisions on improvement. You simply cannot become a highly functioning human without serious consideration of a feedback loop.

Most of us have small feedback loops. Check the scale, evaluate our weight, freak out, go on a diet. That sort of thing. However, how many of us really consider, thoughtfully, a feedback loop to help one particular area of our lives improve.

When we go to school, there is a constant feedback loop. That is why education systems exist. Centered around a feedback loop, to help people improve skills and knowledge. Once we leave school, our principle feedback loop disappears and we are left to wander on our own. We may get into a job or employment, where there is a feedback loop, but they are usually weak.

A thought for consideration – do you have any formal feedback loops that you use to improve yourself in any way?

Guy Reams

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