The 365 Commitment

The Contract

When I first set out to do this 365 Commitment, and important principle that I do not talk about a lot is what I call the “contract.” This is effectively a bargin that I strike.

If I do X for 365 days, then I will become or get Y. Pretty simple contract. Here is an example of one of my contracts: If I run everyday for 365 days a year, then I will be physically in shape and be at my ideal body weight. I kept the contract and I got the result.

It is really that simple. Set out to keep a commitment and align a result with it and watch what happens. You will be amazed.

The big one is the real question. To keep the actual 365 commitment formula everyday for 365 days. I made a big contract with that one, and it dig come to fruition, although not quite in the way that I was expecting.

Tomorrow, I reboot. Back to the original 365 commitment. See what happens. It also just so happens to be my 50th birthday – so there you go.


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