The 365 Commitment

Day 1 of 18,262

As I write this note, sitting in my vehicle at 10pm parked at the Marriott Marquis Marina in San Diego, I am about ready to record my 18,262nd day on this earth. I resolved today to reboot, refresh, renew my 365 commitment today.  Thus marks Day 1 of that commitment to follow the 365 formula for the next year without fail. As I do so, I will once again accomplish life transforming things. If I were to log another 18,262 days then I will be 100 years old.

I have a bit of an advantage this time around. When I was born, I was starting from literally ground zero. Now, I am starting again with a signifocant head start. Most of what I accomplished in life, really occurred in the last 20 years. So, what can I accomplish starting where I am at today versus what I started with 50 years ago.

I imagine a lot, but first the commitment. The foundation to build upon. I will start there and see where I go from there.

Guy (1 of 18,262)

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