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Live life to the fullest is a bit of advice that I see printed on a small sign in a restaurant. This is a bit of sage advice, that seems tather trite. I wonder what “fullest” actually means?

I spent some time pondering this concept today. What is a full life?

I think you have to include some key areas to actually claim to have a full life.

1. Have a family and raise children.
I know, I am sure some will say that having children is not for them. Understood. However, human life is absolutely designed to produce and raise offspring. A full life has to have a family as part of it.

2. Be part of a tribe.
Seems like you should fully participate in a tribe of people with some mission. Participation in a tribal environment is part of our human passion.

3. Create
You should create something magnificent and something that represents who you are, they way things should be. Creation is to be human.

4. Lift the Next Generation and…

5. Challenge yourself beyond your limits.


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