The 365 Commitment

Buried In Paper

Christmas morning. All the work that went into the morning is over in about 10 minutes. I toss some wrapping paper at my daughter and look the other way quickly. A long standing family tradition. Does she fake like she does not know who threw it on purpose? Fun to play along, I suppose.
I am pretty sure that this left over slice of egg nog cake is going to help me with my keto diet. Definitely. My new pair of Hoka’s are in the corner mocking me. No running today. Not much of anything today. Just going to sit here and think.
My dog is really trying to figure out what is going on. The routine is broken. Amazing what a creature of habit a dog is. I did not get that strand of DNA.
My daughter is playing Pink Floyd the wall on her new record player. she is going full RETRO. Bass guitar, new amplifier, records, and books
The entire family is here today. Even my wife’s nephew. 26 Christmas mornings as a couple, married that is. I bought her jewelry this time, safe for another year I think.

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