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Day Off – Yeah, Right

I remember Christmas Week when I was a kid. Everyone around, frivolity everywhere, playing outside, playing inside, avoiding a few of the adults that seemed to bring their baggage home with them for the holidays. However, even with that occasional exchange, people seemed to be happy and relieved to be around each other again. I always enjoyed it as a time to relax.

Then I got older.

Like when I could start to reliably wash dishes and other chores. My relaxing post Christmas dinner days were over. Now it was working for my dinner while the adults got their cheer on however they could.

Then I got a family of my own.

I got time off work, sometimes. When I did, every waking minute is going to the store, cooking the turkey, ham, brisket or whatever. Cleaning up and then debriefing on whatever nonesense that came up. Then it is putting things together, setting things up, fixing things and doing all manner of household requirements.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a relaxing time? Was it ever? Between the ages of 4 and 7. I think that was the sweet spot. The rest of my life it has been work, work, work.

Now I know why the grandparents just come in and plop down and sit. They are not tired, or necessarily that out of energy. They just were DONE with the holiday rush and have no problem sitting down and watching the middle aged ones do the work.

So maybe the next sweet spot is after 80. Maybe I will start faking some issue when I am older, only around the holidays. Sorry, have to sit her a while. Read a book – tell one of the children a tall tale.


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