The 365 Commitment

Heap Weakness on Your Soul

Every time you make a commitment to yourself and then break it, you heap weakness on your soul.

Everytime you make a commitment to yourself and then break it, you heap weakness on your soul. Start taking commitments seriously, but keeping every commitment you make. Never utter those precious words, I will, ever again in a vain attempt to help youself feel better. I will needs to mean something.

You want to enjoy greater strength as a person? Then stop trivializing your commitments. Build great personal worth and strength by making and keeping every commitment. Why do we do it? Why do you way we are going to do something and then completely back out, usually in just a few days?

Most studies on this topic refer to a dissonance or imbalance taht we create within our own psyche. We have a way that we want to be, but are not. Consequently, we project what we want to be by making outwardly commitments that we are not capable of keeping because we are not being honest with ourselves about who we actually are.

If you are a lazy deadbeat and that is why you are lethargic all the time, then admit that to yourself right now. Accept it. Stop pretending. Yes, this will force you into a crisis internally as your ego will not want to go along. However, you can quickly transform this humble admission into real and concrete action by then making a commitment, and then keeping that commitment. Start with just one, a simple one, that will help you get off your rear end and start to improve. It maybe a small thing and ridiculous compared to what others are doing, but you will have made and then kept a commitment. Something simple.

A phrase like this works great, “I am making a commitment to be X, so I will do Y everyday effective right now.”

An example might be, I am making a commitment to be a healthy person, so I am going to walk at least 2 miles every morning, starting right now.

This seems silly, but it is not the commitment that is powerful. It is the keeping of the commitment that brings power to you, rewards your soul and pretty soon you are not only walking. You are running. You are running to the gym and not to Circle K. You are changing yourself because you have learned to make and keep a commitment.

Stop thrasing your own soul by making fake, unrealistic, or trivial promises to yourself. You continue to do this because it is a bad habit we all build. We temporarily feel better by making a commitment, but with no intention behind it. Stop now. Make a new commitment and ride at dawn.


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