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To the Bold, go the Spoils

Sorry, the sexy people do not always win. That is your fear speaking.

Time to face reality. The concept that is slowing us down, preventing us from moving foward is fear. Fear is one of the most instinctual and poweful forces in our lives. Fear is so ingrained in our person that it is hard to distinguish real versus imagined. The reality is that we all struggle with an internal battle with fear.

There are many people that will give advice on overcoming fear. The most helpful to me was some psychological advice on understanding the roots of fear. The trigger in our mind to preserve self is acute and powerful. This is to save us from immenient and real danger. The challenge is our mind does not distinguish the difference well, the reaction is the same. Irregardless of the threat, we will experience the same emotion.

So is cold calling that new client going to kill you? Nope. Is going to that job interview going to end in your torture? Nope. Is asking that person out on a date going to cause you to fall to your death? Nope. Yet, we react the same way. We react as if a snake lays coiled on the path hissing at us. Our fear mechanism is always there, ready to react. It is part of who we are and we will never be able to escape the encoding that is innate in our species.

Take the advice on overcoming fear from others. There is good advice out there. My purpose in this message is not to say how. I have learned that it does not matter how. What matters is that you are purposeful in overcoming fear and being as bold as you can when deciding to act. Hesitation never wins. Doubt never aids. Trepidation never counts.

How we overcome personal fears is not important. What is important is that we over come them. Put on your own version of war paint. Have your own ceremonial process of casting out the evil spirits. Get yourself worked up into a frenzy. Channel your inner Viking Berserker. Whatever you do, it does not matter, but do it. Overcome the fear and jump in. Go full force with everything you have and damn the torpedoes.

Why? Well, you will learn there is no snake. There is no saber tooth tiger waiting to pounce. You will learn that failure is not death. IN fact, you will learn that the fearless usually win. Why did that geeky, bucked tooth, unkept, floppy eared sales person win the deal that you did not? He overcame his fear. You did not. Why did that misfit woman who looks like she got stuck in the early 90s get the promotion and you did not? She was bold enough to state her desires. You did not. Hate to say this out loud. The bold win.

You think it is the sexy, charasmatic people that win? Better take a close look. Fear knows no age, no gender, no race. Fear impacts all people, irregardless of how they look. Be Bold. Overcome your fear and watch the sexy people staring at you from the sidelines as you spike the ball.


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