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You are impatient because you are distracted

Impatience and distraction are linked. This is something that people do not realize but fall victim to all the time. You are set, you have a goal, you need some focus time to achieve your objective for the day. As you sit down to focus on your task, the cost of that task goes up.

Your inner mind starts to reconcile the cost of that work, and you start to object. You start to think that maybe the cost of this work is too high. Normally, you will just buckle down and overcome this. However, this is where distraction comes into play.

You have distractions all around you. Phone. TV. News. Email, and many other sources are now potential areas of lower cost. You can get a reward with lower cost, so you mind starts to rationalize and before you know it you are no longer focused and you are looking for something to do that has a lower cost. Cost in terms of effort and time.

Having distractions around you is a sure fire way to reduce you ability to focus, not because you cannot focus, but because you are looking for a lower cost way to spend your time. In this manner, distractions end up creating an increase in impatience and feed the desire to abandon the focused task and do something else.

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