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Day 57 – Don’t Kill the Flow with Routine

The concept of “getting into the flow” is often romanticized in modern discourse, with many assuming it’s a state that can be effortlessly achieved at will. However, my experience paints a more complex picture. This article explores my personal journey with this elusive state, highlighting the challenges and nuances of tapping into this heightened level of productivity and creativity.

The Bliss of Ignorance in Youth

In my younger years, entering the flow state seemed almost second nature. This ease, I believe, stemmed from a strategic advantage unique to youth: the bliss of ignorance. Being young meant having a limited understanding of the world, which in turn meant fewer distractions. This lack of knowledge acted as a barrier against the overwhelming influx of information that often hinders focus in adulthood. It was a time when focus wasn’t a choice but a default setting, unburdened by the complexities of a broader worldview.

The Power of Passionate Focus

As I matured, the frequency of these flow states diminished. However, they reemerged with a vengeance during periods of intense, singular focus. A prime example was the period when I was courting my wife. This intense, single-minded pursuit eclipsed all other distractions, enabling me to channel my energies with unprecedented focus. It was a period marked by a potent mix of emotional investment and clarity of purpose, creating a perfect storm for the flow state to thrive.

Routine as a Double-Edged Sword

In an effort to harness this elusive state, I turned to the power of routine. Establishing consistent habits proved beneficial for my overall productivity. Yet, this structure came with its own set of challenges. Occasionally, I would find myself spontaneously slipping into the flow state, particularly in the quiet of the early morning. This surge of creativity and efficiency was exhilarating, yet it posed a dilemma. Do I disrupt my carefully cultivated routine to capitalize on this sudden burst of inspiration, or do I attempt to defer it to a more convenient time?

The Fickle Nature of Flow

The most frustrating aspect of this journey has been the realization that the flow state cannot be summoned at will. On several occasions, when I tried to schedule these periods of heightened productivity, the magic fizzled out. The very act of trying to control this state seemed to be its undoing. It’s akin to catching lightning in a bottle – a feat that’s as much about luck as it is about skill or intention.

Through these experiences, I’ve come to appreciate the unpredictable nature of the flow state. It’s a reminder that not all aspects of our minds and creativity can be tamed or scheduled. This realization has led me to a more flexible approach towards productivity, one where routine provides the framework, but spontaneity is not just welcomed, but embraced. It’s about finding a balance between structure and the wild, often untamable nature of inspiration. This journey has been a lesson in humility and adaptability, teaching me to ride the waves of creativity when they come, and to patiently await their return when they ebb away.

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