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140 Days / 20 Weeks Left

I have made the commitment, I will officially run my first marathon on June 2nd, 2019 in San Diego. I was going to go earlier, but after my first official race experience I decided that I needed more time to prepare. I want to give myself every opportunity to post a good time and I want to be able to properly train. Officially as of today, I have 140 days until the Marathon.

I feel a little that the Marathon is no big deal, especially when you see how many people complete them nowadays. However, compared to where I was at 373 days ago, completing a marathon would be amazing, finishing well under 4 hours would almost be miraculous.

I am really bad at creating youtube videos, but I thought I would try my hand at doing video blogs. I have a lot of room to improve my youtube skills, but I did record a video reviewing my commitment to this new goal of completing the San Diego Marathon:

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