The 365 Commitment

Day 2 – Where the Body Goes . . .

When I was a kid I heard a wise person share some good advice, a prescription really, for people who are having a rough go of it mentally and emotionally.  They said, “Where the body goes the mind will follow.”

This morning I woke up at 4:30am.  I always wake up early now thanks to my sporadic 365 efforts of 2018.  As I laid there, questions about the future swirled in my mind, and I struggled to envision the person I want to become, my “future self.”  I kept trying, but I just couldn’t imagine a future state of being that seemed compelling and “right” to me.  I couldn’t decide because I could not see it clearly.  It had to take in to account everything that I am already committed to, my family, my career, everything . . .

I felt frustration, because I know that crafting a clear and compelling vision of the future is crucial to my success with the 365 commitment.  I mean, the future state you envision must justify the discomfort of self-discipline.  It will motivate you to accept the pain of growth, the hassle of ingraining a new and good habit, and perhaps even the acute pain (sometimes) of existence itself.  A vision of a future (and future self) worth suffering for is indispensable as far as I am concerned.  So, there I lay in low level self-inflicted anguish when the phrase “Where the body goes the mind will follow” came to mind!  Ah ha!  I had found my escape hatch back to peace of mind.

I simply decided to put my mind on hold and move forward with my body.  I got up, laced on my running shoes, found a warm stocking cap (my wife’s) because it’s cold outside and went for a run.  Then I did my pull-ups on the bar I built in my back yard.  Then I cleaned my body and even a section of my room.   By focusing on doing good things on the physical plane of reality, for my body and my living space, I began to feel better mentally and emotionally.  “Where the body goes the mind will follow” proved to be true once again.  I then settled down to make my daily list of what was most important for me to focus on.  I felt at ease.

I guess the body and mind really are one.  Because I took action physically my mind was soothed and followed my body on the journey to my better future self.  I may not see it clearly yet, but I know I am closer than I was at 4:30 this morning.

So, when you are struggling mentally, take a physical action in the right direction.  Do the dishes, clean your room, go for a run, clean yourself up, whatever physical task it is for you, do it and it will help.

Ben Wagner (8)


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Guy Reams
4 years ago

Great idea. Just put the physical first and the rest will follow. I have also struggled with this exact visioning thing. It is HARD. However, what has helped me is this concept. I do not need an EXACT vision of the top of the mountain before I start climbing. I just need a vision of the mountain itself. I want to make sure that I climbing the correct mountain. With self visioning the same concept applies. I do not need to know exactly. My future vision has to do with me being a teacher. Does that mean going back to college teaching again, teaching elementary school in retirement, or perhaps it means this 365 commitment and future workshops! Who knows!? I just know that I am good at and passionate about teaching others. So that is part of my “mountain.”

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