The 365 Commitment

Day 10 – Goals Define Your Reality

We are always going somewhere.  I’m going to bed soon.  Then I’m going to get up.  Then I’m going to exercise, then I’m going to eat, then I’m going to work, then I’m going to a meeting, hopefully I’m going on vacation someday  . . . .  on and on.  We are always going somewhere and always seem to be aiming at something.  It’s just the nature of being human I guess.

I think, what we aim at (goals) define our reality.  Therefore, our goals determine how we “see” the world.   Think about it.  As I move toward what I’m aiming at, I categorize things in three ways: 1) helping me toward my goal 2) getting in the way of my goal, or 3) not really mattering.  All things fall into one of these three categories.  I focus my attention primarily on the first two , and ignore or mentally discard those things that are irrelevant to where I am going.  I imagine we all do this.  It’s just normal human behavior.

To me, this explains why some people (even people who believe they are good) seem to do some really messed up and destructive things, their goals are wrong.   If your goals are wrong you cannot help but 1) use things (or people) improperly as tools to get to where you want to go, 2) categorize worthy things (or people) as “being in the way” and deserving of ill treatment, and 3) ignore important and valuable things (or concepts) as being irrelevant.  Improper goals will blind you to the destruction left in your wake as you move toward them. Because goals define reality, improper goals will distort and twist the reality we “see” and believe is there.  Something to reflect on as you craft your 365 goals.

How do we know if a goal is a “proper” goal?  Good question. Although not fool proof,  I recommend using two tests for evaluating goals.  The first was articulated by Emmanuel Kant the great thinker and philosopher; ask, if everyone did this would the end result be good or bad?  If good, then the first test is passed.  The second I call the “stack test;”ask,  is it good for me, my family, and my community, now and in the future?  If the goal when achieved aligns with all the levels in this “stack,” then the second test is passed.  Passing both tests will likely indicate a “proper” goal.

So, choose your goals wisely. They will define how you perceive the world and act within it, for better or for worse. Good luck!

Ben Wagner (17)

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