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Future Authoring – 129 Days Left

The inspiration for today is the critical nature of having a vision of your future self. The skeptic in me considers this type of thing all hocus pocus and weird psychobabble – but the pragmatist in my has to reconcile the fact that future authoring REALLY works. If you need help with this, you can use a program like this to guide you through it – A $15 dollar investment, but probably in the scheme of things well worth it!

You do not need a program however, what you need is a vision of your future that you focus on, that you can visualize, that you can easily see in your mind. Think of it this way – you want the vision of your future self to be so clear that it actually becomes a memory. This is entirely possible and the more familiar your mind is with the concept of who you are going to become, the more your mind will stop fighting you at every turn.

Even this morning, my mind is fighting me. Finding reasons why I am not going to succeed, getting all wrapped up on some trivial set of circumstances. Finding reasons why my run this morning is going to suck, why my business forecast call is going to be disheartening, why people are going to fail, why I am going to fail them. Blah. Blah. Blah. Well – I say – EMBRACE THE SUCK! Deal with the challenges head on. Have a game plan that is focused on making that future a reality. Making that future today, now. There is no reason why I cannot walk out this door right now, and become the future self that I articulated to myself 384 days ago.

The problem is that we need to remind ourselves constantly of what we can become, stay inspired, stay in the moment that is actually a future moment. Forget the disillusionment of the past, forget the way it is, the way it has to be, the way you were told it is. Become what you should be, become what you are supposed to be, become that future self. Start right now. Stop procrastinating the most important. Stop allowing yourself to fall into despair. Stop letting others control you. Rise up and remind yourself of your future, Rise up and look forward and not backward, rise up and start today new. Today is the day you will become that future self.

Guy Reams
365 Alumni
129 Days until 1st Marathon

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