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The Best Way is Through – 128 Days Left

My inspiration for this morning comes from a thought I heard on a podcast yesterday. Cannot remember the author of the thought, so my apologies for the blatant plagiarism. The thought was that when tackling a problem the best way is always through. This is a concept that I have learned during my trials trying to improve my physical, spiritual, mental health this last year. There are somethings that are just down right tough. Overwhelming actually. Big problems, the kind that you just cannot ignore. They are big, hairy, with fangs even. They have giant claws and the problem is so intimidating every instinct screams at me to run away, to avoid, to find another path.

There you have it. The best way is to suck it up and just go straight through the problem. Head right into the belly of that beast and take it on, discover that the struggle is real, but be truthful with yourself and fight, fight, fight. What I have discovered is that my big giant menacing problems were actually not that scary once I made the resolve to press forward. Very shortly after the initial skirmish, the beast ended up being a wimp and I gained strength and confidence. As I moved forward, I realized that I was indeed taking on the largest problem in my life at the current moment and with that knowledge was willing to make the investment to win. So here I am at 4am, getting ready to head out to a middle school down the street and doseveral hours of sprint exercises to improve my running form. So yeah, my personal fitness was that giant ugly monster that I did not want to face. Well, I took that creature head on and barreled my way through. It sucked, it hurt, it was painful, discouraging, demoralizing, and downright ugly. I have not completely succeeded by any stretch, but I am definitely not afraid anymore. I am going to win. I stopped avoiding the problem and I took direct and decisive action.

I hate to tell you this, the truth hurts, but the best way to improve yourself is through struggle. That harder the struggle the greater the reward. So do not dismay when your commitment gets hard, you should feel exactly the opposite. Take a moment, step back and look at it. Recognize that what you are experiencing is opposition, it is really hard. Just accept it, plot your course straight up the middle and right at the heart of the enemy. Do not give up, press forward with everything you have and you will discover that you are capable of some amazing things.

Guy Reams (385)
365 Alumni
128 Days Left to 1st Marathon

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